Intensive Arabic Semester

4-6 Weeks Summer 

Givat Haviva

Spend 4 months learning Arabic in Israel. The Intensive Arabic Semester includes 300 hours of spoken Levinante Arabic, together with 100 hours of Modern Standard Arabic and 32 hours of Middle Eastern history and peace education.


You will get the unique opportunity to interact with different Arab communities, both linguistically and culturally, as well as participate in volunteering projects, host families, and tours.

This summer, come and immerse yourself in the Arabic-speaking communities so you learn to speak, hear and think in Arabic and broaden your horizons - suitable for both beginners and advanced students. 

Givat Haviva is a prominent institute in Israel for studying Arabic and the recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Its academic center has been teaching English-speakers to successfully speak and think in Arabic for the past 10 years. 


Tuition for all programs include housing (2 people sharing a room), 3 meals a day, medical insurance, all study materials, study tours, and more. | | N. America: +1 718-838-3533 |  Global: +972-9-766-6226



in Israel

Learn both Spoken Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic and practice what you've learned with immersion in the Arab communities in Israel.

Choose between 4-6 weeks over the summer or a 4-months intensive Arabic semester starting Feb 2018.

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