Givat Haviva

Established 50 years ago as a part of the Kibbutzim movement, Givat Haviva is a prominent institute in Israel for studying Arabic and the recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. Our academic center specializes in teaching English-speakers to speak and think in Arabic. |

N. America: +1 718-838-3533 |  Global: +972-9-766-6222

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4-6 weeks multicultural summer program for ages 15-18

With Arabic immersion, host families, tours, college credits, and summer fun! 

Learn Spoken Arabic and practice what you've learned with immersion in the Arab communities in Israel.

Speak Arabic 

This summer, travel to Israel to improve your spoken Arabic, explore the Arabic speaking communities of the country, and grow your international perspective with multicultural activities.


Suitable for both beginners and advanced students, you'll learn Arabic and practice speaking as part of Givat Haviva's 4-6 weeks summer programs. The summer program is located at the pastoral and gated Givat Haviva campus and includes both Jewish and Arab host families, immersion trips, and regional tours. 


 התוכנית פתוחה לתלמידים בישראל. הנחות תינתן.

The program is open to participants from all background and faiths and the program is Shabbat Observant and all meals are Kosher.


Dates: June 25th - July 19th (4 weeks) or August 2nd (6 weeks).

Tuition of $4,300 includes all activities and lessons, housing (2 people sharing a room), 3 kosher meals a day, medical insurance, study tours, local coordinator, and more. Some scholarships and grants available.


On-site facilities include swimming pool, sports court, 24/7 security, social club, and wi-fi and small kitchenette in rooms.


Summer in Israel